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The Simmons Six

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a wonderful Christmas we have had! We have been able to do all of the wonderful things things that we have planned to do and more! The kids are doing great. They are enjoying every minute of their vacation (and so am I). I wish everyone a wonderful, safe, and blessed New Year!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Rhys 10
Braeden 3
Riley 6
Waverly 6
Daddy 30
Mommy 33

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello, everyone~

Life moves so quickly for the Simmons family these days. I have completely stopped blogging because I feel like we have moved on to a new chapter. I still check in and read about the happenings of good friends that we made along the way when I have a free moment. It is incredible to me that the kids have been home for over a year. It seems like they have always been here but in other ways it seems like the trip was just yesterday. Everyone is doing great. The one thing that I will tell you is that adopting the kids has not been without its struggles. You have three little people with very defined personalities. Braeden was such a different story because he was my little baby from day one. I have to say that he still is. He is like my shadow. He very often will choose not to play becuause "I want to stay with Mama." Waverly, Riley, and Rhys have grown so much this past year but it has been ALOT of work. It seems like we have been through many struggles to get them where they are today but we are really happy and love them so much.

Waverly and Riley could not be more opposite. Waverly is a sassy little girl with major attitude and an infectious laugh. She is too funny and is the apple of Shawn's eye. SHe is short and stocky and absolutely precious. Riley is our little mother hen. She loves to help me with everything and loves to tell on everyone. It has been a balancing act trying to keep her from being the 'tattle tale.' She is stunningly beautiful and is definitely going to break hearts. Wow...she really is gorgeous. Rhys is nine and has never been wrong a day in his life. Just ask him. He is fun and energetic but he can definitely test your patience. We have worked with him so much this past year and he is doing good.

Shawn and I are doing well. We leave for the shore on Sunday. Camp starts when we return. Basically we are moving along with life. One day at a time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Pictures

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We had a pre-Easter celebration at my Mom's house on Friday night. It was fun because we celebrated Jill, Mike and Bob's birthdays. My kids are ALWAYS up for a birthday party and are OBSESSED with Mike so it was the best of both worlds for them. We had an Easter Egg hunt that was fun. The kids had practice because they had competed in our community's Easter Egg hunt on Thursday. By the time tomorrow comes, they will have all officially turned PRO.

It is hard to believe that Spring Break is almost over. I had a wonderful time. I got the best of all worlds...I got to spend time with my kids, work on my house, and do some really fun things! This even included going to get pedicures with Jen, Jill, and Erin. We always talk about doing things like this but never actually do it so this was great! Tomorrow we are celebrating Easter with Shawn's parents. I will post pics of the kids all dressed up in their Easter finest!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The long and the short of it

I haven't been posting because we have been so busy. I wish that I had more time to get more pictures. I will have the best of intentions and then life will get in the way.
Everyone is doing well after a few tough weeks.
1. Braeden kept getting sick and I was getting more and more worried. We took him to the doctor's on Wednesday and found out he has pneumonia. He is now on antibiotics and is feeling much better but they have some yucky side effects which make me feel so badly for him. I just can't wait for the little guy to be all better. He is talking up a storm and has so much personality. He continues to be my littlest best friend.
2. Riley is now a full fledged mother hen. She is too cute. She looks after Braeden and worries about EVERYTHING. She is my little helper and has such a sweet, nurturing side.
3. Waverly had a boo boo on her chin which she proceeded to scratch and scratch until it became infected. SO...we were off to the doctor for her and now she has creams and ointments to control her infection. She is obsessd with not wearing a bandage. I am obsessed with her wearing a bandage. It is fun. (Not really) She is my feisty one. She is too cute but a handful.
4. Rhys goes from being my buddy to pointing out everything Shawn and I do wrong. It is tough to go to a nine year old so fast. We are all adjusting, though, but it is one step at a time.
I will post pics when I get a chance!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow pictures

These are from last weekend. THIS weekend it was close to 70 degrees!!
We went from snow men to basketball in six days!